All burgers and sandwiches are served with your choice of fresh-cut fries, sweet potato fries or chips and a pickle.



RED BRICK BURGER              1/3 lb- $8.00 1/2 lb- $8.50

Topped with grilled onions, mushrooms, Swiss cheese

and jalapenos.


CHEESEBURGER                                                     $7.15

Hand-pattied with a slice of American or Swiss cheese.


CALIFORNIA BURGER                                             $7.50

Lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.


BACON CHEESEBURGER                                        $7.75           

2 slices of bacon and choice of cheese.




MUSHROOM AND SWISS BURGER                        $7.75

Speaks for itself, and it's delicious!


COWBOY BURGER                                                  $7.95

Onion petals, cheese and BBQ sauce on top. Yee Haw!


PATTY MELT                                                           $7.85

1/3 lb hand-pattied burger with grilled onions, Swiss

and American cheese on grilled wheat or rye bread.

Classic. Delicious.


GRILLED CHICKEN                                                 $7.75

5 oz. breast on a grilled bun with lettuce and mayo.


CHEESY CHICKEN                                                  $7.85

Grilled breast with a slice of American or Swiss cheese.


BACON & CHEESE CHICKEN                                  $9.25

Topped with 2 slices of bacon and choice of cheese.


MUSHROOM AND SWISS CHICKEN                      $8.95

Grilled mushrooms and savory Swiss.


COWBOY CHICKEN                                                $9.15             

Onion petals, cheese and BBQ sauce.


PATTY MELT                                                           $9.45

Grilled onions, American or Swiss cheese, on wheat

or rye bread.


Traditional HOT BEEF

or HOT TURKEY SANDWICHES                             $8.00

A rural favorite!

Savory meats sauteed in their own juices, served open

face with real mashed potatoes and gravy.

Half order $6.25


GRILLED CHEESE                                                   $5.85

What can I say, it's a grilled cheese!


GRILLED HAM AND CHEESE                                 $7.25

Like the grilled cheese, add ham.


BACON, LETTUCE AND TOMATO                           $7.50

With mayo on toast.


DENVER SANDWICH                                              $7.25

Grilled onions, green peppers and ham surrounded

by 2 scrambled eggs.


EGG SALAD or TUNA SALAD                                  $7.45

On choice of bread or croissant.


CHICKEN SALAD                                                    $7.65

On choice of bread or croissant.


ROAST BEEF                                                           $7.65

Thinly sliced roast beef piled onto a toasted bun.


FISH SANDWICH                                                    $8.10

Lightly breaded fish filet deep fried on hoagie ciabatta

with tartar sauce.


CLASSIC REUBEN                                                   $8.15

Corned beef piled high on rye bread with sauerkraut,

Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing...

a savory favorite!


PHILLY STEAK AND CHEESE                                  $8.50

Thinly sliced seasoned steak topped with garlic roasted

onions, green and red peppers, topped with Swiss cheese

on a hoagie, served with au jus.





GRILLED OR CRISPY CHICKEN SALAD                    $9.25

A plate of fresh greens topped boiled egg, carrot, celery,

cheese, diced tomato and grilled or deep fried chicken

and choice of dressing.


CHEF SALAD                                                            $8.95

Fresh greens and prepared veggies, diced ham and turkey,

hard-boiled egg and choice of dressing.


TACO SALAD                                                            $8.95

Fried tortilla shell filled with the traditional fixings and

served with sour cream, shredded cheese, and our

homemade taco meat!


SIDE SALAD                                                             $3.50

Greens, diced tomato and cheese with choice of dressing.




(in season)




Root Beer Float- $3.35

Malts: chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch or strawberry- $5.15

Sundaes: chocolate, butterscotch or strawberry- $3.50

Homemade Cookie- $1.50

Fabulous Homemade Pies- $3.20    a la mode- $3.65